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Engage & Earn
Make your data work for you

Meridian: A novel platform where your online engagement translates into real rewards. Experience a fair exchange of value in the Web3 era.

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Next gen engagement platform

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Get rewarded to do activities such as : 

  • Answering surveys

  • Giving your feedback on products, services or places

  • Contributing on social medias

4 kinds of rewards

  • Money💲🟡💸

  • Discounts 💶💴💷

  • Incredible experiences 🍹✈️🎸🎶

  • Digital collectibles (NFT,...)📈🦖🖼️🏅

Our Team

The founding team is composed of experienced people, combining over 70 years of holistic experience in developing customer and brand experiences both in Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. Our skills range from brand strategy, UX/UI design, data analysis, and software development in both Web2 and Web3 infrastructures.

Become an advisor

join a team of advisors composed of loyalty specialist, data security, web3 and community management. 


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